Shrink Films

Bundle, protect, and display your products with shrink film.

Shrink film is a great way to protect and unitize your product. We have Cryovac shrink film, polyolefin, polyethylene, and shrink bundling films in stock and ready to deliver.

We also carry StealthWrap to help you reduce overpacking, while still safely concealing your products and shipments.

Shop Cryovac Shrink Films

Increase your shelf appeal and showcase your product with Cryovac® shrink film. Cryovac® shrink film uses micro-layers to provide a strong film protection. Regardless of your application, we carry a Cryovac® shrink film to get the job done. We can help protect frozen goods, fresh produce, boxed goods, soft goods, and more.

Shop Polyethylene Shrink Films

While polyethylene shrink films do not provide the clarity of polyolefin films, they can provide a strong wrap, that resists punctures and tearing. Unlike traditional shrink films, polyethylene films shrink while cooling, therefore requiring additional space for the cooling process. Polyethylene films come in thicker gauges and are recyclable.

Shop Stealth Shrink Films

Stealth shrink wrap is an ultra-durable shrink wrap that is nearly impossible to see through. It is a great alternative for e-commerce shipments as it can reduce overpackaging, common in today’s shipping process.

Download the StealthWrap™ spec sheet

Shop Heat Guns

Find the perfect heat gun for the job. We carry industrial, deluxe, and heavy-duty heat guns.

Industrial –  allows you to easily adjust the heat level
Deluxe – helps shrink faster
Heavy-Duty – tackles the largest jobs, quickly and efficiently

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