Crown Automotive Autobagger Case Study

Crown Automotive Improves Packaging Productivity by 1100%

With the Automated Packaging Systems PS-125 Bagger.

The Problem

Crown Automotive packaged and labeled every order by hand into anti-static bags. this packing method required a lot of time to pack every order. Hand packing labels left every bag looking different and unprofessional.

The Solution

Crown Automotive is now able to process 200 pieces in 10-12 minutes. Before they utilized the PS 125 OneStep, this would take nearly 2 hours, an 1100 percent increase in productivity. The company relies on its packaging to promote their brand. Through preprinted bags, they have been able to create a stronger brand identity for their company to stand out against their competitors.

“Shippers Supply and Automated Packaging Systems allows me to package my products in a way that they stand out against the competition and wow our customers.”
Chris, Crown Automotive