Creative ways to prototype, package and protect your products

If you need a package or packaging solution of any kind, you’ll find it here among a wide range of choices. If you don’t, our packaging engineers will make one for you. These ISO 9001: 2015 certified pros specialize in creative packaging solutions from the inside out to ensure a regulation-compliant, shipping-efficient custom fit.


all-pac_logoAll-Pac joins SSI
SSI acquired All-Pac in April of 2015 so we could offer a wide variety of custom packaging solutions to our customers. They joined us in Hopkins in November of 2016.

Designed Packaging Solutions

Packaging Design

  • Packaging Engineers – take advantage of our custom design service to create a package that’s designed, fabricated and manufactured to your specs. Our two on-staff designers will come up with the best solution.
  • Full-Service—Speed up your project with our help designing, prototyping, testing and manufacturing packaging—sometimes within a day or two.
Designed Corrugate

Designed Corrugate

  • Custom Sizes—Design a box customized to fit your product perfectly.
  • Custom Printing—Let the outside of your box speak for your brand.
  • DIM Weight—Avoid price increases by properly packaging your products and control your shipping costs.
Custom Polybags

Custom Poly Bags

  • Custom Sizes—Stock size not cutting it? We stock the regular and odd sizes you need.
  • Custom Printing—Printed polybags speak for your brand.
Packaging Control Systems & Solutions

Packaging Control Solutions

Use one of SSI’s packaging control monitors to ensure your product arrives intact and ready to use. We carry shock, drop and temperature indicators, as well as Tip-N-Tell labels.

Custom Crates

Custom Crates

  • Wood—secures and protects sensitive and expensive equipment
  • Plastic—allows for repeated use, while still protecting product
  • Totes–for internal use or returnable packaging
Air Cushioning Pillows

Air Pillows

Air pillows help protect your product at an affordable price.

Sealed Air Instapak

Sealed Air

We carry Instapak®, Air I/B.® Express, I-Mold, Simple & paper machines.

Sealed Air Korrvu


Showcase your product, while still offering maximum protection.

Molded Pulp

Molded Pulp Protection

High volume projects meet economical packaging design. 100% recycled. 100% biodegradable.

Converted Foam

Engineered & Converted Foam Plank

We can create foam inserts in any size or shape. Whether you need an anti-static foam or custom foam end caps, our packaging engineers can help.