Custom Packaging Design

Prototyped, tested, and approved custom packaging designed from the inside out

We know a standard solution can’t always protect products while they traveling from point A to point B. Your product is unique and therefore it needs a unique packaging design to make sure it reaches the market in great condition. Our ISO 9001: 2015 certified design center will will consult with you and create a custom-made package from the inside out to meet your needs. You’ll end up with a designed solution to optimize DIM weight, save you money and protect your valued contents.

If our stock packaging solutions aren’t the best fit for your product, our onsite team of packaging engineers can design a custom packaging solution that will meet all of your requirements.

SSI’s Triple Spec Program

Take advantage of our Triple Spec program. Our designers will design and prototype 3 possible solutions for you and help you choose the best solution. We can help speed up your project with designing, prototyping, testing and manufacturing your custom packaging—sometimes within a day or two.

Secondary Packaging

Secondary Packaging

Our design center is capable of creating your packaging from any substrate. Our goal is for your product to reach your customers and leave a smile on their face.

Interior Packaging

Internal Packaging

If you need help protecting your products inside of your box, we can help design internal packaging to protect your product. We can help keep your products separated, cushioned, and protected during the entire shipping process. We offer internal packaging in a variety of substrates, including environmentally friendly packaging.

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