Leibinger JET Rapid Continuous Ink-Jet Printer

Leibinger JET Rapid

Continuous Ink-Jet Printer

Want to move up a gear? In terms of sheer speed, the JET Rapid high output printer leaves the others standing. Combining top speed with Leibinger's characteristic reliability, and it guarantees legible codes, like use-by dates or batch markings, and ultimate levels of productivity. The JET Rapid printer can increase production efficiency by up to 30% and print on a wide range of materials at up to 800 m/min.

Capabilities & Features

Specialist, high-speed single-line printing up to 800 m/min

Over 800 user-friendly functions

Up to 5-line texts can be printed at up to 537 m/min

Sealtronic print head technology rids clogging and frequent head cleaning

Font height: 5-32 drops

Windows-based touchscreen display for convenient operation

Multiple inks available

All software updates included

Ideal for high-output industries such as food & beverages