Leibinger JET3up Continuous Ink-Jet Printer

Leibinger JET3up

Continuous Ink-Jet Printer

The LEIBINGER JET3up industrial inkjet printer is the perfect solution for all your product marking requirements thanks to its wide variety of functions. Glass, films, cans, cardboard, cables, wood, plastics, metal and steel are marked without contact by the JET3up continuous inkjet printer (CIJ printer) during ongoing production. Special inks are used that dry in less than one second. At speeds of up to 10 m/s, any product surface—convex, concave, rough or smooth—can be marked with fixed and variable data.

The automated Sealtronic nozzle seal always prevents the ink in the printhead from drying out. Together with Clean Instant Start and Stop Technology, it also ensures that the small-character inkjet printer start up on the production line every time without needing maintenance. The Sealtronic nozzle and integrated Solvent Saving Mode keep solvent consumption to a minimum to reduce operating costs. In addition, solvent consumption savings of up to 50% can be achieved by using the Ecosolv option.

Capabilities & Features

Over 800 user-friendly functions

Up to 5-line texts can be printed at up to 403 m/min

Sealtronic print head technology rids clogging and frequent head cleaning

Non-contact marking

Height of the fonts: 5-32 drops

Windows-based touchscreen display for convenient operation

Suitable as a food grade printer

Multiple inks available

All software updates included

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