Leibinger JET3up PI Continuous Ink-Jet Printer

Leibinger JET3up PI

Continuous Ink-Jet Printer

Do you want to mark dark surfaces in high contrast with a LOT number or meter marking? Then you need an inkjet printer that can process pigmented inks (also known as contrast inks or opaque inks) to create a good contrast level on the product. After all, it is just as difficult to read conventional inks on dark backgrounds as it is to read writing from a fountain pen on black paper.

The JET3up PI, however, has a unique system for keeping the pigment circulating, and for preventing quality issues and blockages that may occur with other pigmented inkjet printers. With Leibinger's unique Sealtronic print head technology and 100% German-made reliability, it can be relied upon for marking and coding on dark surfaces, and to deliver high levels of legibility and productivity - in contrast to many other printers.

Capabilities & Features

Unique hydraulic system for constant pigmented ink circulation and agitation

Over 800 user-friendly functions

Up to 5-line texts can be printed

Sealtronic print head technology rids clogging and frequent head cleaning

Non-contact marking at up to 403 m/min

Height of the fonts: 5-32 drops

Windows-based touchscreen display for convenient operation

Multiple inks available

All software updates included

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