Squid Ink CoPilot 256 High Resolution Outer Case Coding

Squid Ink CoPilot 256

High Resolution Outer Case Coding

The CoPilot 256 ink jet printer is designed to print superior quality hi-resolution characters on either porous or non-porous surfaces. With up to 1.4” of print height per head and the ability to print on both sides of the substrate in a single pass, the CoPilot 256 is designed to work as an integral part of your day-to-day packaging operation.

As one of the newest additions to Squid Ink’s growing family of marking and coding systems, the CoPilot 256 gives users more choices for their coding applications. Any way you look at it, Squid Ink’s CoPilot 256 provides users with an affordable solution to meet their ink jet coding needs.

Capabilities & Features

Print Technology - Piezo impulse printhead technology

Maximum Print Height - .7” (1.8 cm) per printhead

Vertical Print Resolution - 185 dpi capable of printing razor-sharp graphics, small character text, and scannable bar codes

Horizontal Print Resolution - 205 dpi

Print Speed - Up to 135 feet/min. (41 m/min.) @ 205 dpi standard, optional high speed printhead up to 200 feet/min (60 m/min)

Time & Date - Internal real time clock with battery back-up

Product Sensor - External diffuse beam photocell standard

Touchscreen - 4.3” (10.9 cm) full color touchscreen display

Ink Cartridge Volume - 500ml cartridge or bag

Low Ink Indicator - Status alert on touchscreen, LED light beacon optional

Substrate Capabilities - Porous or Non-Porous surfaces

Operating Environment - 34°F - 104°F (1° - 40°C)

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