Shanklin Flowrap F-1AC Wrapper

Shanklin Flowrap F-1AC Wrapper

Shrink Wrap System

Fully automatic Shanklin® FlowWrap machines are continuous motion horizontal Form-Fill-Sealers designed to wrap packages effortlessly and efficiently. Built for peak performance, durability and versatility, the Shanklin® F-1AC includes numerous standard features and options that allow customization to application.

The Shanklin® F-1AC is an efficient side sealing wrapper that shrink wraps product with neat trim seals on three sides of the package, handling even irregular shapes with ease. The adjustable inverting heads do not require a precise matching of film width, thus allowing you to run many sizes of packages with only a moderate selection of films widths. The F-1AC features a belted infeed for random product feed and can wrap up to 60 packages per minute.

Capabilities & Features

Picture based HMI (Human Machine Interface)

Up to 25 namable recipes

Speed control adjustments

Product spacing adjustments

Seal systems temperature control

End Seal cut enable/disable

Operator lock outs provide customized HMI access

Batch counting

Metric / Imperial unit switching