Highlight ooo Stretch Wrapper

Highlight Heavy Duty Handwrapper

Stretch Wrapping Tool

The patented Highlight Handwrapper is the economical solution to your load wrapping needs! Modern casting, machining and design principles have produced a handwrapper which works extremely smooth to wrap your palletized loads tightly and efficiently.

Expert attention to design and fabrication make the Highlight Handwrapper the best way to maximize savings, and overall the best way to apply film by hand.

Model HD1218-300 (shown) adjusts for 12, 15 and 18 inch handwrap - part number 755024

Model HD1820-300 adjusts for 18 and 20 inch handwrap - part number 755026

Capabilities & Features

Wide cast flat zinc base adds strength but not weight, provides smooth film stretch, and resistes tip over which can tear film

Comfort foam handle makes for easier wrapping and is press fit for lifetime use

Bottom core holder delivers smooth film stretch

Top tension control assembly keeps stretch constant and offers a range of adjustments

Angled handgrip for less fatigue

Easy film change using slotted top core