Colimatic Thera 450 and 650 Thermoforming System

Colimatic Thera 450 & 650

Thermoforming System

Made according to EU regulations, the Thera 450 has a compact and solid body which can be located in the most confined spaces. The electrical panel, entirely made in stainless steel, has an IP65 protection to allow safe machine washing and operation in the most difficult environments.

The Thera 650 & 650FV have a stainless steel frame, modular structure and are expandable, ensuring many possible technical solutions to all kinds of packaging problems.

Capabilities & Features

Reel Holder with pneumatic expansion, allows easy locking and reel replacement

Stainless Steel Gripper Chain, very solid and suitable for all packaging materials. Adjustable to possible variations of the film width

Lifting Mechanism with 4 holding columns to close the chamber. It's solid structure allows the machine to process the biggest packs.

Hinged Chamber for a fast and safe mould changing by a single operator.

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