eCommerce & Fulfillment

If you’re not shipping and fulfilling, you’re out of business

Right now. That’s the expectation for fulfilling any order, especially e-commerce. Which means your packaging materials need to be ready, reliable and resilient to withstand the rigors of overnight shipping. From prototyping to drop-testing, we deliver.

Consulting: What’s working, what isn’t in your fulfillment packaging?

Collaborating: If your packaging needs to work harder, consult with our in-house engineers to get the results you want.

Creating: Need to build a better box? We’ll design, fabricate and test prototypes.

Did You Know: DIM Weight

Major shipping companies like UPS and FedEx are changing the rules for box sizes that trigger an up-charge. So more than ever, right-sizing your packaging is a smart, money-saving business decision. SSI can help you get more product into less box for more efficient, cost-effective shipping across your entire product line.

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