Box Cutters & Knives

Find the perfect knife for nearly any job.

Don’t let dull blades slow you down. We can keep your team ready to go with a wide array of utility knives, snap-off knives, and box cutters.

Snap-Off Knives

Never let your blade go dull with a snap-off utility knife.

Shop Utility Knives

We carry a variety of retractable and auto-retracting utility knives that offer quick tool-less blade change to keep your team moving.

Box Cutters

We carry small, convenient box cutters that can easily fit in a pocket or klever cutters that increase safety.

Ceramic Blade Knives

Finger-friendly ceramic blades reduce injury risks. Ceramic blades stay sharp 11x longer than traditional steel blades.

Replacement Blades

Don’t let things get dull, keep your replacement blades stocked.

Blade Disposal

Make sure to safely dispose of old blades with a wall or portable disposal container.

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