Optimizing Packaging Inventory

Optimizing Packaging Inventory
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With Packaging Inventory Management in place, Waytek can focus more on revenue-producing projects instead of stocking inventory.

The purchasing department at Waytek was using too much of their time to maintain their packaging inventory, leading to delayed, or even neglected, tasks. As a distributor of over 10,000 high quality electrical parts, they need to know they can ship to their customers on time. This requires knowing they have the correct inventory on hand to ship with confidence.

They began using Packaging Inventory Management to gain better control of their inventory. PIM allows purchasing departments to focus on more important tasks rather than trying to maintain their inventory. Utilizing PIM has helped redirect their focus to more important projects and tasks that will help generate more revenue. Now, their inventory levels are under better control, use less floor space, and still have the ability to make adjustments as needed.

Many other companies do not provide this personalized service. It also gives us the opportunity to make adjustment on an ongoing basis.

– Bonnie, Waytek

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