Packaging Inventory Management

Managing Your Inventory to Maximize Efficiency

Save up to 15% annually on packaging supplies and reclaim up to 35% of your warehouse space with our Packaging Inventory Management service.

Let's Help You Grow

Have your vendor work for you and get the most out of your budget. Our Proactive Inventory Management (PIM) service does three critical things for your business:

  • Reduces your inventory up to 15%, allowing you to redirect your cash
  • Frees up your employees to work on your business, not in it!
  • Saves up to 35% of inventory space

There are a few more benefits to controlling your inventory instead of the other way around. Working with one of our inventory specialists allows you to:

  • Prevent warehouse shortages and over-stocking
  • Free up space to add production capacity and store finished materials
  • Make weekly just-in-time assessment of in-stock inventory to allow for spikes in usage

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