3M quality and SSI expertise deliver more for you.

Combine the quality and innovation of 3M adhesives with the deep experience of SSI’s consultants and you have a powerful answer to any manufacturing puzzle. Tell us what you’re trying to do and we’ll deliver a solution created specifically for your product, packaging and facility.

Bonding Tape

Bonding Tape

  • Adhesive Transfer (ATG) – great for taping signs to pallets and racking, point-of-purchase displays, pocket folders. Comes in a variety of strengths.
  • Double Coated Film/Tissue – whether you’re looking for permanent, repositionable or removable we have it all
  • Double Coated Foam – perfect for mounting to walls, doors, etc.
  • 3M Dual Lock – ideal for replacing latches and openers
  • Extended Liner – extra wide liner allows for easy removal from tape
  • Hook & Loop – this versatile tape can help you secure nearly anything
  • Removable & Repositionable – great for temporary mounts
  • Splice – regardless of your application, we have splicing tape for a variety of conditions, temperatures & different weighted papers. Great for commercial printing applications
  • VHB Tapes – the bonding power is unmatched. VHB Tapes can replace rivets, screws, bolts and welding
Adhesives & Sealants


  • Acrylic – bonds to plastic and metals and provides great durability
  • Adhesives & Sealants – we carry a full line of industrial adhesives & sealants, we can help you discover the right sealant for your application.
  • Aerosol – find the perfect aerosol adhesive for your project
  • Anaerobic & Threadlockers – Seal threaded assemblies to prevent leaks and loosening. Scotch-Weld™ Threadlocker Anaerobic Adhesives provide vibration, corrosion & shock resistance for a variety of strengths, temperatures and sizes
  • Cleaners & Lubricants – remove the toughest adhesive and lubricate all moving parts
  • Concrete Repair – repair cracked or spalled concrete on a budget
  • Contact – great for laminates, plastics, wood and plywood
  • Cylinder Spray – great for projects that you will need large quantities of adhesive
  • Epoxy – versatile for nearly every project
  • Hotmelt – we offer a wide variety of hotmelt glue sticks & beads
  • Instant – bond your substrates immediately
  • 3M Scotch-Weld – excellent durability and strength
  • Urethane – strong, flexible adhesive
Industrial Tapes

Industrial Tapes

  • Aluminum Foil – resists flame, moisture and UV degradation, this tape is ideal for manufacturing
  • Anti-Slip – perfect for stairways, ladders, pools, workshops and trailers
  • Barricade – keep people out with our brightly colored barricade tape, comes in a variety of sayings
  • Duct & Cloth – the secret weapon of all handymen, duct tape is versatile and durable for even the toughest task
  • Electrical – available in a variety of colors
  • Filament – high tensile strength makes filament tape great for strapping, bundling & general reinforcement
  • Gaffers – Rubber adhesive sticks to many different substrates, made famous by the film industry
  • Masking – protects your product, removes easily and cleanly. Find the right masking tape for your project
  • PTFE – high temperature and chemical resistance, works great on hot plastics
  • Safety – vivid colors help mark high traffic areas and hazards in the work place
  • Slick Surface – high-strength anti-stick tape reduces friction and noise
  • Surface Protection – we have protective films and tapes for metals, plastic, glass, carpet, wood, countertops, & more
  • Teflon – perfect for high temperatures
  • Vinyl & Polyethylene – great for irregular surfaces and a variety or substrates.
Safety Supplies


  • Back Supports – prevent back injuries, with a variety of back support options
  • Ear Protection – we offer single use, reusable, earmuffs, and metal detectable ear wear.
  • Eye Protection – check out our full line of eye protection.
  • Fall Protection – ensure your employees safety with our full line of fall protection: belts, harnesses, retractable lanyards and shock absorbing lanyards
  • First Aid – Safety First! Full kits with an assortment of products for common injuries
  • Hand Protection – We carry a variety of gloves & supports
  • Head/Face Protection – Provide your workers with critical head and face protection. Available in a wide range of sizes.
  • Protective Clothing – no matter the project, we have protection for you. Clothing, foot and head protection
  • Respiratory Protection – check out our complete line of respiratory protection. Single use industrial masks, heavy-duty reusable masks and accessories


  • Automotive Manufacturing – we carry a complete line of 3M quality belts, discs, sheets, rolls & specialty solutions
  • Cylindrical Grinding – Our line of cylindrical grinders & abrasives will you get the job done part after part, whether you are grinding or superfinishing your product. Our specialists will help you meet today’s demanding standards
  • Furniture & Wood – perfect your project, with our 3M sanders and sandpaper
  • Maintenance – keep your workspace spic & span. Our line of maintenance abrasives can help you tackle rust, scuffs, & paint removal
  • Metal Fabrication – we offer a complete line of metal fabrication abrasives to help your project every step of the way. Deburring systems (light, medium, & heavy) & finishing systems
  • Precision Castings – We have you covered for every step in the forging process. We carry the tools for gate grinding, rough grinding, de-scaling, intermediate finishing & dimensioning, blending & deburring & polishing.
Custom Converting


When you need a unique taping solution for your application, we can engineer one for you.

We can convert:

  • Double-coated tapes
  • Die-Cut Tapes
  • Foam Tapes
  • Magnetic Tapes