Here’s where to wrap, strap, stack and bundle a better way.

Sit down with our specialists in automated packing systems and we’ll configure a better packaging system that protects your products, makes your operation more efficient and impresses your customers when it hits their loading dock.

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Shrink Wrap Systems

Find the top industry brands at SSI: Kallfass, Shanklin, Eastey and Clamco. When you need to shrink wrap, start here.

  • Manual Combo Kits—Ideal for shrink wrapping low-volume projects.
  • Semi-Automatic/Automatic L Bar Sealers—Handle the rigors of day-long production.
  • Side Sealer (Continuous/Intermittent)—Ideal for shrink wrapping  a wide variety of products. Ensures safe packing of small, stacked and large items.
  • Shrink Tunnels—Keep production lines moving with automatic shrink tunnels.
Shrink Wrapping Systems - Kalfass, Shanklin, Eastey, Clamco

Bagging Systems

SSI works closely with industry leaders Automated Packaging Systems to bring you the latest automated bagging technology.

  • Tabletop Baggers—Ideal for bagging low to mid-volume production lines. Tabletop baggers are a great fit for automotive parts, hobby and crafts, mail order fulfillment, and more.
  • Baggers—High-speed automatic bagging systems that keep up with busy production lines. A great fit for bagging and kitting small items like hardware and fasteners, electronic components, healthcare, and more.
  • Food Baggers—We carry stand-up pouch baggers that can be washed down and meet FDA guidelines for food safety.
  • Counters—To ensure your bags are accurate we carry a variety of infeeds. Our counters are perfect for hardware, electrical, automotive, and more.
Bagging Systems - Autobag, Automated Packaging Systems, Clamco

Stretch Wrappers (Palletizing) Systems

Explore our wide selection of stretch wrapping systems. From low volume to ultra high volume, we have a stretch wrapper to fit your needs. We carry the top brands in the industry, Wulftec and Highlight to help you achieve your goals.

  • Semi-Automatic—We carry low and high-profile wrappers to meet your unique needs, but still provide you with flexibility.
  • Automatic—Need to stretch wrap a high volume of pallets? Choose from our line of low or high-profile automatic stretch wrappers.
  • Automatic Rotary arm—Automatic Rotary Arm stretch wrappers are ideal for high-speed applications.
  • Horizontal Wrappers—If you need a unique wrapping system, this may be the answer to helping you automate your end-of-the-line packaging systems.
Stretch Wrapping Systems - Wulftec & Hightlight

Banding Systems

Find top-of-the-line banding systems from Felins.

  • Banding—The perfect solution to unitize your products while keeping your brand visible.
Banding Systems - Felins

Strapping Systems

We offer machines from Orgapack, Polychem, Signode and Strapack.

  • Manual and Battery Handhelds—Good for low volume strapping.
  • Semi-Automatic—When handhelds won’t do, these tabletop machines help increase your throughput.
  • Automatic—We carry high-capacity  strapping machines that can keep up with your needs.
Strapping Systems - Orgapack, Polychem, Signode & Strapack

Shrink Bundling Systems

We carry the best shrink bundling systems available on the market. From Arpac, EDL, Eastey and Kallfass, we can help you bundle your products to look beautiful on the shelf.

  • Manual/Combo Kit—Ideally suited for shrink bundling low-volumes.
  • Automatic and Semi-Automatic L-Bar Sealers—High-quality shrink bundling readies your product for display.
  • Side Sealer, Continuous and Intermittent Motion—Maximize your production performance with these shrink bundling systems.
  • Shrink Tunnels—Ensures consistent sealing every time.
Shrink Bundling Systems - Kallfass, Eastey, ELD & Arpac

Case Sealing Systems

Seal your cases with the most current machinery from 3M, Eastey, and Better Packages.

  • Manually Adjustable, Semi-Automatic—These case sealers are best suited for small volumes, but still allow you to exceed hand sealing production.
  • Self-Adjusting, Semi-Automatic—Affordably priced case sealers for medium volume production.
  • Self-Adjusting, Fully Automatic—Best for when you need more from a typical case sealer.
Case Sealers - 3M, Eastey & Better Packages

Case Erecting Systems

Machine-assembled boxes increase productivity and speed the packing process. Whatever your market, we have a case erector that can meet your needs.

    • Case Erectors—Speed up your production by switching to an automated case erector instead of manually making boxes.
Case Erecting Systems - Combi & Eastey

Labeling Systems

We carry top lines, including Datamax, LDI, Paragon, Sato and Zebra.

      • Apply—Applies your pre-printed labels.
      • Print and Apply—Prints and applies your unique label on the fly. Good for nearly any environment.
      • Desktop—Does thermal printing of unique barcodes and labels for any project.
Labeling Systems - Panther, Paragon Labeling, Pack Leader USA, LDI

Blister Packaging Systems

Blister packaging works best for hard-to-package products such as toys, hardware and pharmaceuticals. We carry major machine brands, including Andex and Starview.

      • Shuttles—These constant heat sealers can seal blister packaging, tray lids and applications requiring extra precision.
      • Rotaries—Increase production with semi-automatic rotary sealers.
      • Automatic—Ideal for heavy workloads; seals product consistently every time.
Blister Packaging Systems - Starview & Andex

Skin Packaging Systems

Skin packaging is ideally suited for products that are rigid, without holes. We offer machines from Andex and Starview.

      • Manual—Best for low-volume applications.
      • Semi-Automatic—For low to medium level production runs.
      • Automatic—Improve throughput with an automatic skin packaging system.
Skin Packaging Systems -Starview & Andex

Feeding/Conveyor Systems

Choose from a wide variety of batch-counting, collating and kitting systems, and learn how you can improve your production with one of our feeders.


      • Gravity—Uses gravity to help your product move down the line.
      • Portable—Allows you to move product anywhere.
      • Belted—Product never stops moving on belted conveyors, which makes it great for assembly lines and long lines.
      • Custom—Work with SSI to create a custom conveyor setup for your needs.
Conveying Systems - Dorner, Nestaflex, New London Engineering