Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs While Increasing Productivity 

Larger savings opportunities are available in operational improvements such as employing automation equipment and robotics. Leveraging packaging for savings in logistics such as warehouse and packaging operations, storage, and freight has major potential as well.

Automation & Productivity

Technology provides means of increasing throughput and efficiencies, which results in lowering your packaging cost per product. Savings that drop right to the bottom line.

Reducing Logistics Costs

When it comes to packaging cost reductions, there can be too much focus on the price paid for packaging materials. A systems approach can help you identify and execute significant cost reductions in shipping, warehousing, labor, and handling costs. Often, there is more potential in the system cost – how packaging is affecting labor costs, consuming facility costs, and creating negative impacts on shipping costs.

  • Right-sizing and right-weighting of packaging
  • Leverage packaging for logistics cost reductions
  • Don't make mistake of looking at materials costs and miss the bigger picture of logistics costs

Packaging Assessment

At SSI, our packaging experts live to roll up our sleeves and see what you have and where you might have wins or applications that packaging technology can help you build your success.

Smart Buying

Programs such as bulk packaging purchases, special stock agreements and custom manufacturing can produce financial wins. SSI also helps with providing inventory management, JIT delivery, minimizing your storage and warehousing footprint, lessen your equipment handling needs and optimize inventory. Ultimately, we want to earn the right to operate as your packaging partner.

Can SSI help your organization deliver a better way?

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