Continuous Ink-Jet Printers

Delivering Flexibility and Efficiency

Leibinger Jet2neo

Leibinger Jet2neo Continuous Ink-Jet Printer

Ideal for marking different materials, products and surfaces in industry. High-quality materials, sophisticated technologies and the best production processes guarantee long service life and reliability.

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Leibinger Jet2neoS

Leibinger Jet2neoS Continuous Ink-Jet Printer

Developed for smaller fonts and higher production speeds — proven in the industrial marking of extrusion parts, food and drink packaging and plastics, among other uses.

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Leibinger Jet3up

Leibinger Jet3up Continuous Ink-Jet Printer

Tackle a variety of functions — marking glass, films, cans, cardboard, cables, wood, plastics, metal and steel without contact.

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Leibinger Jet3up PRO

Leibinger Jet3up PRO Continuous Ink-Jet Printer

Under stringent hygiene regulations, use an extremely resistant industrial printer that can work in harsh production environments.

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Leibinger Jet3up MI

Leibinger Jet3up MI Continuous Ink-Jet Printer

Specially designed for coding especially small, thin lettering in the smallest areas — many times to meet applicable legal requirements.

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Leibinger Jet3up PI

Leibinger Jet3up PI Continuous Ink-Jet Printer

Create a good contrast level using pigmented inks. Great for marking dark surfaces in high contrast with a LOT number or meter marking.

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Camera Verification Systems

Leibinger V-check Vision System

Leibinger V-check Vision System

Comparing printed data such as letters, digits, logos or images against a reference sample, guaranteeing high production reliability.

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