Customer Success: Portable Stretch Wrapper Automation for Retail Efficiency

Optimizing Packaging Productivity with Portable Stretch Wrapper


  • Retail

Customer Challenge

  • Large national customer looking to improve output and productivity by eliminating had wrapping each pallet load at multiple locations withing warehouse:
    • Multiple lines for wrapping – each completed by hand
    • Struggles with consistent pallet racking

Desire to improve product security

SSI Solutions for Success

  • SSI Packaging Assessment 
    • Assessment highlighted process opportunities and material improvements via automated shrink wrapping systems; inclusive of equipment and material recommendations
  • SSI Equipment Analysis and Pilot Implementation Testing/Support
  • SSI Solution Recommendations:
    • Robopac Robot Stretch Wrapper Systems

Customer Results

  • Through SSI’s partnership, assessment and industry expertise, the customer was able to recapture their ROI in the following ways:
    • Labor Savings: per location, ONE Robopac Robot Stretch Wrapper reduced the labor need from 3 people to 1
    • One employee could utilize the portable stretch wrapper to now cover 3 lines, averaging 100 pallets/day
    • $60 per pallet Cost Savings: Automation and highly efficient film
    • Testing / Implementation time: One month - with the purchase of multiple, portable wrappers

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