Customer Success: Automation for Predictable Labor Management

Increasing Output and Reducing Labor with Hook & Loop Coins Solutions


  • Industrial

Customer Challenge

  • SSI’s Industrial customer was looking to increase output in terms of units per hour while reducing the labor required to accomplish that. A tough goal indeed.
    • Utilized up to 25 part time employees to apply the hook & loop coins on a secondary pass on their line
    • Inadequate quality and quantity control of hand-applied hook & loop
    • Restricted growth due to slow turn-around
    • Slow output and inefficiency

SSI Solutions for Success

  • SSI Packaging Assessment
    • Assessed inline needs to ramp up output while reducing labor costs and sought out opportunities to limit broad investment, and customized the recommendations to their existing folder/gluer
    • Recommended automation that accomplished both goals in a single-pass inline solution
  • SSI Solution Recommendations:
    • Automated inline/single pass equipment that would work on their existing folder/gluer

Customer Results

  • Through SSI’s partnership, assessment and industry expertise, the customer was able to recapture their ROI in the following ways:
    • Labor Savings: our solution reduced labor from 25 part-time employees to one line operator monitoring the output
    • 2,000% increase in productivity: Increasing from 500 units per hour to approximately 10,000 units per hour
    • ROI Timeframe: 6 months

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