Customer Success: Designed Packaging for Challenging Reassembly

Functional and Innovative Protective Packaging


  • Consumer Goods

Customer Challenge

  • Developer and manufacturer of complex paint applicators had a unique packaging challenge related to partial assembly of their paint-sprayer internationally. Shipping containers brought the sealed packaging to the US, where another US-based component had to be added; thus, opening the box and resealing it. The issues:
    • Complexity of partial international packaging requiring completion in the US
    • Component-integrity/security compromised with required opening/resealing of original package for additional element
    • Reassembly labor

SSI Solutions for Success

  • SSI Designed Packaging Team worked with the customer to assess the multitude of complex needs to engineer functional protective packaging that was flexible enough for reassembly without opening the packaging.
  • SSI developed an innovative box which has a slip-sheet between the sides of the packaging that is friction-fit in place by the sturdy flaps and component parts. This allowed the box to be reopened without the need to cut tape or to retape it to seal it back up. We also designed inserts to secure the parts from friction and damage. Additionally, SSI’s innovative design actually reduced the size of the box, allowing the customer to ship more boxes/cargo container.
  • SSI Solution Recommendations:
    • Customized Designed Packaging Solutions

Customer Results

  • Through SSI’s partnership, assessment and industry expertise, the customer was able to recapture their ROI in the following ways:
    • 25% Labor Savings: Eliminating packaging opening and resealing
    • Materials Savings: smaller box
    • Cost Savings: more boxes/pallet/shipping container

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