Using Custom Foam to Secure & Protect Supplies

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Using advanced modern technology, we quickly modeled and prototyped a solution using custom-fitted foam inside Pelican cases.

Our customer was shipping kits that go to field operators for locomotives. These kits could contain up to 40 various parts, with some being small and light while others were heavy and bulky. In a majority of instances, only a handful of the parts were needed. The field operator would use all that was necessary and the kit was then sent back to have the used parts restocked so it could be repurposed and sent out to another location. The kits were shipped in a bulk shipper averaging a weight of 150 lbs. and the parts were mixed together in a loose pack. Tracking all the pieces was tough and there was a higher chance for abrasion and damage. Additionally, the parts were machine-finished and keeping the finish intact was important and had a two-fold purpose – to look and work better.

Our customer partnered with Shippers Supply on better, more secure packaging to get these parts out to their job sites. To help our customer prevent issues with abrasion and damage to their parts when shipping in bulk to these job sites, Shippers Supply proposed two Pelican cases with custom-foam inserts. The individual parts are now protected and the heavier, 20+ pound items are secure and unable to damage the smaller parts. The pieces have their own cavity making the components much easier to track – plus presentation was improved. The weight of each kit was cut in half, with each one being 75 lbs., making the cases easier to handle for the field operators who typically carry these containers a couple hundred yards.

Our protective packaging kit saved costs by reducing damage, provided a functional improvement for securing and tracking individual parts and made a better and stronger customer impression. This solution also made shipping easier by reducing the weight of each kit while at the same time improving safety measures due to easier handling.

Smarter Package

Our customer will save costs in both time and material with better, more effective custom packaging and an overall simpler method of transport and use. With our streamlined process in custom designed packaging, we were able to rapidly provide a unique solution.

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