Customer Success: Designed Packaging for Customized Foam Inserts

SSI Custom Designed Foam – Securing and Protecting Supplies


  • Industrial Supplies

Customer Challenge

  • Our customer came to SSI with a unique challenge. They had a replenishable and reusable kit of up to 40 different high-end parts that were shipped to the field operators or job sites.  When the job completed, any unused parts would be returned in the kit for replenishment and disbursement. The issues:
    • Each kit’s parts varied in size, weight, and bulk
    • Kits were shipped in bulk containers; up to 150 pounds each; creating safety issues for field operators to move from job site to job site
    • Brand-forward, finished parts were mixed in a loose pack, adding potential for damage to the parts
    • Tracking parts was difficult, making replenishment and disbursement to another user time-consuming and inaccurate

SSI Solutions for Success

  • SSI Packaging Assessment 
    • Assessment highlighted multiple opportunities to separate, protect and identify each part.  Ensuring each kit had the right parts and they arrived perfect.
  • SSI Solution Recommendations:
    • Replace one bulk-shipping container with TWO Pelican cases, each having SSI designed and fabricated foam inserts.
    • Foam inserts would separate the heavy items from the individual parts.
    • Individual cavities simplified parts identification for inventory and replenishment.

Customer Results

  • Through SSI’s partnership, assessment and industry expertise, the customer was able to recapture their ROI in the following ways:
    • Weight Reduction: From 150 lbs to 75 lbs per kit; making them safer to move and cheaper to ship
    • Foam inserts and parts cavities provided greater product security and saved time and labor on counting each part
    • Parts were protected, leading to an unsurpassed brand impression

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