Customer Success: Productivity Through Automation

Automated Package Productivity Improvement


  • Automotive Distributor

Customer Challenge

  • Crown Automotive needed to eliminate the hand packaging and labeling of every order. Their issues:
    • Intense labor required to not only package every item by hand, but to hand-label it as well
    • Inconsistency due to the hand packaging and labeling led to each package arriving differently and outside of their established brand standards 

SSI Solutions for Success

  • SSI Packaging Assessment
    • Assessment highlighted process opportunities and material improvements via automated bagging and labeling solutions; inclusive of equipment and material recommendations related to brand-building pre-printed bags
  • SSI Solution Recommendations:
    • Autobag® Automated Packaging Systems PS-125 Bagger
    • Pre-printed bags for brand building against competition

Customer Results

  • Through SSI’s partnership, assessment and industry expertise, the customer was able to recapture their ROI in the following ways:
    • Labor Savings: automation drastically reduced the required labor for drastically improved brand outcomes
    • 1,000% productivity and output increase: Automation allowed the customer to output 200 pre-printed, auto-bagged elements in 10-12 minutes; a savings of nearly 2 hours for the same outcome
    • Brand execution: pre-printed bags allowed customers to stand out, consistently, and wow their customers against the competition