Case Erecting

The better you package your products, the lower the risk of damage. One percent of shipped products are damaged solely due to poorly erected cases; therefore, starting with the most secure and stable box is a good start to protecting your brand and your bottom line.

Case erectors (or case formers) are machines that unfold flattened corrugated boxes, closes and seals the bottom for packing. By implementing this versatile piece of equipment, not only will you save on assembly labor and drive efficiencies - you will also increase productivity by having the flexibility to change box configurations easily and with minimum interruption to your line. Additionally, most case erectors can stand alone or be integrated into any number of packaging system configurations, providing a comprehensive solution to load products for shipping.

Does your operation need a case erector? Here are a few questions to ask:
  • What processes do you currently use to erect your cases and how many workers are required to satisfy the number of cases needed?
  • How many cases do you require per hour/day/shift?
  • Do you require many different case sizes? What is the minimum number and maximum number per size?
  • What types of cases does your operation need? 
  • How are the cases sealed?
  • Can your current packaging line layout support a stand-alone or an automated case erector?
  • Do you have multiple packaging lines where mobility of the case erector is mandatory?
Let SSI work with you to recommend the perfect Case Erecting machine to help you:

-Reduce operating costs

-Increase productivity and safety

-Reduce packaging costs and errors

-Drive more line uptime

-Consistently reduce shipping damage