Autobag 600 Horizontal Bagging System

Autobag® 600

Horizontal Bagging System

The Autobag 600 Horizontal is an automatic filling and sealing machine capable of running 16" wide bags, with a large load area for order prep and bulk product queuing, and a compact design that minimizes floor space. Developed for reliability, flexibility and optimizing packaging throughput, this system delivers maximum uptime while lowering total package cost.

In addition to the above, the Autobag 600 Horizontal boasts many other technologically advanced functions. A multi-position unwind with tension control simplifies changeover. A straightforward, clean layout with very few moving parts reduces lifetime cost and improves reliability, while on-board diagnostics and modular components simplify maintenance. AutoTouch™ Control Screen accesses help system, on-board diagnostics, and performance data.

When used with genuine Autobag pre-opened bags-on-a-roll or bags-in-a-box, the Autobag 600 Horizontal ushers in the next evolution of high-quality, reliable and flexible wide bag packaging, backed by the industry’s most comprehensive engineering and field service network.

Capabilities & Features

24" conveyor boasts a generous open-space design, enabling unrestricted access and effortless transition onto secondary conveyance systems

Simple machine design minimizes operator training requirements - perfect for high-turnover, seasonal labor

Inherently safe design provides maximum operator protection

Load direction configureable for left- or right- hand operation

Multi-position unwind with tension control simplifies changeover

Adjustable pass-through up to 6" for maximum flexibility and packaging efficiency

Advanced sealing technology and temperature control ensure consistent, high-quality seals

On-board diagnostics and modular components simplify maintenance

AutoTouch Control Screen accesses, help system, on-board diagnostics, and performance data