Protective Packaging

Protective packaging is specifically designed to secure products from physical harm and damage. And like corrugated boxes, it comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and even substances. By properly protecting all aspects of your process, your items should be covered in the case of dropping, improper handling or simply being moved from place to place.

Essentially, protective packaging comes in all shapes and sizes to meet your needs and protect your bottom line. SSI’s packaging experts will work with you to understand your specific needs:

  • Do you need to surround or fill empty space?
  • Are you hoping to either display or suspend your items for optimum presentation and protection?
  • What degree of cushioning are you looking for?
  • Will you be packing multiple things, or will you be trying to brace or hold smaller objects?
  • Do you need the flexibility to create bag-type enclosures to support/cushion/wrap specific items?
  • Is packaging foam the right option to provide customized protection?

Regardless of what you are shipping, SSI has the protective packaging expertise you need. We will navigate you through the protective packaging applications and pick the exact option needed to protect your shipments and your brand.

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