Autobag Ergocon Textile Packaging System

Autobag® Ergocon Textile Packaging System


The Autobag® Ergocon Textile Packaging System is engineered specifically for high speed packaging of industrial laundered applications. The system uses an automatic feeder, fully integrated with the Autobag® AB-255 wide bagger, to inspect and package up to 7,000 towels per hour.

he inspection and packaging operation begins by loading the bulk feed bin with clean towels or other laundered items. Loading can be done while the system is operating.

Rather than the traditional method of hand locating the next towel to be inspected, this process improves grading quality and consistency.

When used with genuine Autobag pre-opened bags, the Autobag Ergocon Textile Packaging System offers high-quality, reliability and flexibility for the commercial laundry industry.

Capabilities & Features

Variable speed controls enable the system to run fast for high-volume production rates, or slower for items that require more stringent inspection

System can run without an operator when an inspection is not required

Integrates with 3rd party tracking software as a useful tool in evaluating overall quality, inspection, and washroom performance

The machine sets production pace instead of operator

Allows operator to work sitting or standing, and without elevated platforms

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