3M Matic 200a & 200a3 Adjustable Case Sealer

3M-Matic 200a & 200a3

Case Sealing Systems

The 3M-Matic Case Sealer 200a is a sturdy, space-saving unit designed to handle your basic regular slotted container (RSC) sealing needs. With a 16-gauge welded steel frame and epoxy paint finish, it is engineered for shift-after-shift productivity.

The 3M-Matic Case Sealer 200a features a bottom belt drive and upper and lower AccuGlide 3 taping heads as well as an alternative outboard mount for the lower tape roll. A height adjustment crank raises or lowers the taping head to adjust to box height and compression rollers position the top flaps of each box for precise sealing. Dual masts include twin lead screws for stop relocation and stronger taping head stability.

Capabilities & Features

Gear motor and bottom belt drive shift-after-shift dependability with cases up to 85 pounds

Dual masts with twin lead screws for greater stability of taping head

Consistent top and bottom sealing of RSCs with quick, easy adjustments for a wide range of case heights and widths

Compression rollers to close flaps before taping

3MAccuGlide3 Taping Head for low impact sealing that protects cases while providing greater throughput

Side guides adjustable to center cases of various widths for the full length of the unit

Emergency stop positioned for quick and easy access

Laced belts with traction grip for reliable feeding and easy replacement

Durability for basic sealing Up to 40 cases per minute