Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap (or shrink film) is a multi-use material generally used for the packaging, bundling, and securing of finished goods. Heat (either manually or automatically through a heat tunnel) interacts with the film to create a tightly bound bundle of items contained within. The result is a durable barrier of multiple protection around the product and opportunities to showcase branding.

Adding to its versatility, shrink wrap is available in a variety of types, thickness, colors, binding-strength and shrink ratios. Each one of these are specifically engineered and recommended based on the unique needs of your product, your packaging goals, and the destination of your final shipments.

SSI’s extensive expertise in Shrink Wrap Systems – including the exact material matched to your desired outcomes – drives us to partner with the best Shrink Wrap Machine Manufacturers in the industry to ensure you get the best for your brand!

For Shrink Wrap to do its number one job – it is important to understand the varieties, uses, and applications you will need to employ so you can get your number one job done: outstanding product perfection. SSI will partner with you to gather the specifics of your shrink wrap needs to recommend the best solutions:

  • What type(s) of products are you packaging?
  • What are the dimensions, weight, shape and fragility of the items?
  • Do you desire color films or custom labeling?
  • Will you utilize automation/machine packaging? Or will it be manual?
  • Do your products need to be maintained in a variety of climates?
Let SSI work with you to assess the best machines and materials to help you find the best shrink wrap and shrink applications for your goals.