Kallfass Compact 650 D Shrink Tunnel

Kallfass Compact 650 D Shrink Tunnel

Shrink Wrap System

The Compact 650 D is the perfect shrink tunnel for production speeds in the range of 50 to 150 PPM. This makes it the ideal shrink tunnel for fully-automatic wrappers such as the Kallfass Universa 500 Servo, Servo Packer 500 or Servo Jet. The Compact 650 D has a chamber with two side by side patented ring nozzle heating systems which provide outstanding shrink results. The blower speed can be set in detail to create a uniform and high-velocity airflow. The "tornado style" airflow will even shrink the film on irregular and round products without large "dog ears". This optimized shrink technology delivers consistent and high quality shrink results with all Polyolefin films.

Capabilities & Features

Tunnel hood with "clear-view-window" and light inside the tunnel hood

Plugs for power and signaling connection with up-stream machine

Cool-down automatic, activated by push button, heating will be switched off, tunnel transport and tunnel blower stay in operation

Selector switch for packing/transport

Lockable cover for operating panel

Transport monitoring system by means of contact-less initiator direct at the transport, including emergency stop of the heating; with optical indication

Machine on casters for mobility (differing working height)

300 Mm cooling station behind the tunnel, consisting of aluminum rollers running in ball bearings

Special cooling blower above product outfeed

Special color (structure lacquer, monochromatic)

Special voltage (for standard voltage see technical data)