Shanklin Hy-Speed Servo 15 Wrapper

Shanklin Hy-Speed Servo 15 Wrapper

Shrink Wrap System

The Shanklin® Hy-Speed Servo Series Wrappers are Generation 3 servo technology wrappers. This means that they were designed from start to finish with mechanical components, PLC controls and servo technology precisely integrated to work in concert with one another. The HS Servo 15 features 15" wide belts and a 19" wide End Seal. It supports package dimensions up to 16" wide, 4" - 48" long (Flighted configuration) and up to 8" high with belt and film speeds of up to 250 feet per minute and up to 180 packages per minute.

Capabilities & Features

Picture based display

Recipes—100 nameable recipes

Speed control adjustments

Product spacing

Seal systems temperature control

End Seal cut Enable/Disable

Programmable seal pressure

Operator Lock Outs provide customized HMI access privileges

Batch counting