Strapack Automatic JK-5000 Strapping Machine

Strapack Automatic JK-5000

Strapping Machine

StraPack’s JK-5 has been improved considerably and transformed into the JK-5000 with the same affordability. The JK-5000 can achieve up to 37 straps/minute, while maintaining all the benefits of the JK-5, such as a 110 Volt power supply, simple strap width adjustment from 5mm to 15.5mm (5/8in), auto re-feed, loop ejection and small footprint. Another new feature to the JK-5000 is a self-diagnostic programmable microprocessor which continuously monitors critical electrical functions. Should an electrical problem arise, the monitoring panel immediately displays the function affected to take the guess work out of troubleshooting, making restoration more efficient.

Capabilities & Features

Up to 37 straps per minute

Automatic refeed or strapping

Compact design helps save space with coil sitting within the body of the machine

Easy strap loading

Saves energy by shutting down the motor after 30 seconds of no use