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Reduce Shipping Damage

When your product arrives at your customer with shipping damage, everyone loses. Loss to suppliers, manufacturers, customers and the environment (owners, salespeople, quality or CI personnel). Fortunately, there are ways to design and test packaging to be sure it survives your supply chain in good condition.

Damage Costs More than You Think

There may be hidden costs to your damage. Besides the loss of the product, the cost of your solution, which can be hard to measure, includes returns, replacement product, parts, shipping (both ways), labor, field service, customer service time responding to customers and even the sales team's time. Often the worst problems are due to loss of time: customers get product delayed for days causing them pains with missed deadlines, interruptions to project progress and potential financial penalty due to schedule interruptions. Inconveniences caused by shipping damage have huge consequences such as delaying your customer projects.

Supply Chain

Understanding your delivery supply chain is key for knowing how to protect your products and ensure they arrive in good condition. Shock, vibration and compression hazards can produce damages that destroy profitability and create customer dissatisfaction.

  • Protective materials - the right packaging in the right amounts
  • Understand the true cost of damage
  • Packaging testing
  • Channels: TL, LTL, parcel, mail, rail, air, right amount of damage

Aim for Zero Packaging Damage

Packaging testing offers opportunities to ensure your shipments are ready for the supply chain. Save time and have confidence that your products arrived safe. Shippers has great resources for this expertise. Another benefit of this expertise is solving challenging situations and developing custom designed packaging for your specific situation.

Shipping Tests/Custom Packaging

If you have no damages whatsoever, it may be a signal that you have over-engineered your packaging. Cost savings might be available by optimizing your packaging.

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