Circuitech Proactive Inventory Management Case Study

Circuitech Saves 15% Annually on Packaging Supplies

By eliminating expedited freight charges and multiple vendors, Circuitech has reclaimed its budget.

The Problem

Circuitech, an electronic parts supplier located in the Twin Cities, relied on multiple departments to maintain their inventory. This led to other tasks being neglected and an influx of expedited orders to help manage low inventory levels.

The Solution

By implementing PIM, their employees were able to dedicate more time to projects that fit their skill set. Having a dedicated Replenishment Specialist has helped eliminate overstocking, allowing them to utilize their warehouse space more effectively. They have also reduced their expedited orders, saving them money on shipping and labor.

“I no longer have to devote my time in maintaining the inventory. I now devote more time into projects and tasks that generate revenue.”
Kevin, Circuitech