Major Canned Food Leibinger Case Study

Major canned food producer eliminates unplanned downtime

Leibinger Jet3Pro ran for 4 months straight and printed over 42 million cans without any printhead cleanings or downtime.

The Problem

A major canned goods producer was dealing with frequent unscheduled downtime on their printers. Throughout the day, they would lose valuable production time, cleaning their printheads and adding additional solvent to keep their production up and running. Frustrated by the downtime, they sought a new solution and tested numerous Continuous InkJet (CIJ) Printers to find a better system and solution.

The Solution

The Leibinger Jet3Pro provided them the fastest printing speeds with the longest run-time between printhead maintenance. They were able to print over 42 million cans in a 4 month period without any printhead cleanings required or any unscheduled downtime.