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SSI works closely with industry leaders Automated Packaging Systems to bring you the latest automated bagging technology. Our line of baggers can provide innovative high-quality, system-matched bags, for even the most demanding markets. We can help streamline packaging operations, increase productivity and lower your total cost of ownership by find bagging solution that’s perfect for your needs.

What’s the difference in baggers?

  • Tabletop Baggers—Ideal for bagging low to mid-volume production lines. Tabletop baggers are a great fit for automotive parts, hobby and crafts, mail order fulfillment, and more.
  • Baggers—High-speed automatic bagging systems that keep up with busy production lines. A great fit for bagging and kitting small items like hardware and fasteners, electronic components, healthcare, and more.
  • Food Baggers—We carry stand-up pouch baggers that can be washed down and meet FDA guidelines for food safety.
  • Counters—To ensure your bags are accurate we carry a variety of infeeds. Our counters are perfect for hardware, electrical, automotive, and more.

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Bagging Systems

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