Custom Crates

Reusable and robust protection for the most complex or fragile products.

If you are in need of more robust shipping method or are looking to extend the life of your packaging, crates could be right for you. We offer a full line of wood and plastic crates, as well as, internal totes. 

Wood vs Plastic Crates?

Our design team can create custom wood crates to ensure your product arrives in great condition. Wooden crates have a long lifetime, allowing for multiple uses. Their robust frames are great for shipping heavy and sensitive items.  However, they are heavier than plastic and may need rebuilt over time. 

Similar to wood crates, plastic crates have an extremely long lifetime. Unlike heavy wood crates, they are easy to maneuver, stack and rack. We offer standard plastic crate sizes to help you protect and ship your products.

Wood Crates

Wood Crates

We can create stock and custom wood crates to protect your products.

Plastic Crates

Plastic Crates

Get the most use out of your crates with our sturdy plastic crates. Allows for nearly unlimited use as you transport your products.

Plastic Totes


Get a full array of stackable, rackable, reusable totes perfect for internal use or returnable packaging.

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