Autobag 650 Wide Bagging System

Autobag® 650

Wide Bagging System

The Autobag® 650 is a technologically-advanced, wide automatic filling and sealing machine designed for reliability, flexibility and optimizing packaging throughput. Capable of cycling at speeds up to 40 bags per minute, this system delivers maximum machine uptime while lowering total cost of ownership.

Next-bag-out printing is achieved with an advanced thermal transfer imprinter positioned directly over the next large bag to be loaded. This ensures accuracy and efficiency in applications that require frequent product and label changeovers, prevents product queuing and eliminates a separate labeling operation.

State-of-the-art engineering has led to an inherently safe and flexible design. No light curtains or double palm switches are required to achieve safe hand-load operation. The system is configurable for left- or right-hand access to the HMI, cycle switch, and ribbon and bag loading areas, improving ergonomics and operator productivity. Plus, the Autobag 650 can be networked to facilitate full pack station integration and central monitoring. A 45 degree tilt option is available for orienting long or delicate products.

A straightforward, simple design with very few moving parts reduces lifetime cost and improves reliability, while on-board diagnostics and modular components simplify maintenance.

When used with genuine Autobag pre-opened bags-on-a-roll or bags-in-a-box and AutoLabel Thermal Transfer Ribbon, the Autobag 650 ushers in the next evolution of high-quality, reliable and flexible wide bag packaging, backed by the industry’s most comprehensive engineering and field service network.

Capabilities & Features

Next-bag-out printing prevents product queuing and reduces waste

Multi-position unwind with tension control simplifies changeover

AutoTouch Control Screen accesses operator tutorials, help system, on-board diagnostics, and performance monitoring

16" wide bag loading area is ideal for large or bulk products

Newly designed bag sealer area combined with improved temperature control and optional seal-flatteners ensure consistent, high-quality seals

Processor controlled servo motors, ethernet-capable networking, and flexible mechanical design streamline integration

Compact footprint minimizes floor space

Simple height adjustment and casters for operator comfort and portability

A 45 degree tilt option is available for orienting long or delicate products

A horizontal option is available, which includes a large workspace and is ideal for a wide range of ecommerce fulfillment applications

Adjustable pass-through up to 6" for maximum flexibility and packaging efficiency

Easily integrates with third-party systems for mail order fulfillment applications

Modular components and dedicated service access simplify maintenance and repairs to maximize uptime

Optional Additions: handheld or tabletop bar code scanner, range of infeed funnels, seal flatteners, raised unwind, SimpleCount counting system, bags-in-a-box adapter

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