Banding Systems

Both Banding and Strapping are forms of bundling and both executions provide reliable, consistent, and economical opportunities to bundle products together or to bind packages together for transport. The goal is to drive productivity and protect from damage.

Banding machines and systems bundle items together to secure, protect and hold them without causing damage.

  • Common banding applications: paper, polypropylene, and polyethylene (HDPE) film, ribbon, or soft plastics
  • Banding supports printing: ideal for marketing and/or product details
  • Have tension variability to adjust band strength according to product specifications
  • Can either use automation or manual cutting of the banding
  • Utilize ultrasonic or heat to seal
  • Usually doesn’t require special tools to remove the packaging and can be done by hand

Strapping machines and systems also bundle and secure products – but have more flexibility when tensile strength is required to protect the load when the items aren’t sensitive to the strapping application or the force needed to bundle it.

  • Can bind various materials around products AND secure products to a skid or pallet
  • Utilize ultrasonic or heat to seal
  • More of an automated solution, it replaces manual strapping tools and manual labor, reducing worker fatigue, injuries and strain
  • Common strapping applications: polyester, polypropylene, and steel
  • Require tools to remove strapping

At SSI, we will work with you to help identify the best Banding or Strapping system based on our understanding of your facility's needs, your unique industry challenges and the products required – from selecting the right equipment to sourcing all varieties of strapping and bundling materials.