Thermoforming Machines

The best in forming, filling, and sealing in a single workflow!

At SSI, we help you understand all that is available in Thermoforming technology. And believe us when we say, there is a lot to know. Thermoforming is a process where a plastic sheet or film is heated to the point it becomes very pliable. A variety of shapes can be formed by stretching the film over or onto molds, and then heated in a thermoforming oven. At processing temperatures, the material is so pliable that it can be formed rapidly into exceptionally detailed components with little to no force. You would be surprised how many different finished products can be produced and how many different types of plastic can be thermoformed. And our technical experts can get you started from the machine to the sheets in one simple call!

Why should I consider Thermoforming in my operation?

  • Packaging efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Thermoforming saves time and money in the packing of many items depending on size, shape and quantity.
  • Flexibility of design. Thermoforming allows a nearly unlimited opportunity for you to showcase your product with endless stamping, pre-colored plastics, patterns, textures and finishes.
  • Works with both thick-gauge and thin-gauge plastic sheets – making it ideal for equipment covers, medical devices and housing for electronics.
  • Tool and part modifications are economical – saving thousands over injection molding

Let SSI work with you to assess the best machines and materials to help you find the best applications for your unique goals.