Autobag PI 412 CW Prism Thermal Transfer Imprinter

Autobag PI 412 CW Prism

Thermal Transfer Imprinter

Capable of imprinting on two locations of the bag at speeds up to 12” per second, which equates to approximately 80 bags per minute in-line, this programmable thermal transfer printing system has been designed to meet all the newest industry-specific printing requirements. The PI 412cw Prism is simple to use, dependable and operationally flexible to give maximum uptime and packaging productivity. When used in conjunction with the Autobag AB 180 bagging system, product identification utilizing barcodes, text, and graphics can be easily applied to individual packages in-line, on the bag front and back, and indexed for product loading and sealing in a simple “Print-n-Pack” operation. Label changes can be achieved in an instant by simply accessing pre-stored label designs or through database downloads with a PC connection.

Utilizing the very latest technology, the Autobag PI 412cw Prism is capable of printing virtually all barcodes available today, including 2D barcodes and UPS MaxiCode. The 8 megabytes of memory facilitate more label and font storage which gives easier access to more stored jobs allowing fast changeover and maximum system uptime.

Capabilities & Features

Quick to set-up, easy to operate, reliable and fast

High resolution printing for clarity and high impact

Removes need for separate labeling operation

Available in 3 configurations: front & back, side-by-side or even stand-alone

Increased print speeds up to 12” per second with the 203 dpi printhead and up to 8” per second on the 300 dpi printhead

Large memory for label and font storage

Autobag Print-n-Pack systems are designed to interface with AutoLabel software or existing customer software for maximum flexibility

Supports over 40 barcodes including 2D barcodes and True-type fonts

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