3M Matic 700a-s Adjustable Case Sealer

3M-Matic 700a-s

Case Sealing System

For durability and productivity in high-moisture and corrosive packaging operations, the 3M-Matic Stainless Steel Adjustable Case Sealer 700a-s conforms to NEMA standard 250 type 4x specifications for water-tight enclosures.

Engineered with 99% stainless steel for corrosion resistance, there are no painted surfaces. For productivity, a unique 4-belt upper and lower drive system conveys uniformly-sized RSCs for a sealing rate of up to 30/minute.

Capabilities & Features

Seals up to 30 random sized cases per minute

Wide range of case sizes from as small as 4.75” high x 6” wide to as large as 24.5” high x 21.5” wide.

Sturdy construction easily handles case weights up to 85 lbs.

Compact footprint saves floor space.

Easy-to-install and use, you’ll be quickly making consistent seals on a wide range of RSCs with minimal operator training.