3M Matic 700rks Random Case Sealer

3M-Matic 700rks

Case Sealing System

For large RSCs used in the appliance, furniture, and other industries, 3M-Matic Top and Bottom Drive Belt Random King Size Case Sealer 700rks automatically adjusts height and width to accurately seal top and bottom flaps at up to 19 cases per minute. Top and bottom drive belts help assure consistent traction for long runs.

Capabilities & Features

Up to 19 different case sizes per minute

Dual masts for taping head stability

Dual gear motor drives for dependability with cases up to 85 pounds (38 kg)

Pneumatic packing station holds empty cases for filling and automatically centers them for accurate sealing

Centrally-located emergency stop for quick and easy access

Designed for use with 48-72mm (2”-3”) Scotch® Box Sealing Tapes