3M Matic 8000af Case Sealer with AccuGlide 3 Taping Head

3M-Matic 8000af with 3M AccuGlide 3 Taping Head

Case Sealing System

This case sealer is a manually adjustable case sealer that folds the top flaps for sealing without the need for an operator. The twin gear motor drives power traction-grip drive belts on each side to center and stabilize cases up to 85 lbs. (38kg). This case sealer uses 2” (48mm) Scotch® box sealing tapes and seals up to 40 cases per minute.

Capabilities & Features

Automatically folds flaps for precise sealing

Quickly and easily adjusts to a wide range of case heights and widths

Energy Savings Option automatically shuts sealer off if no box is present

Traction-grip drive belts on each side center and stabilize a variety of case sizes

3MAccuGlide 3 Taping Heads allow for low impact sealing that protects cases

Designed to seal up to 40 uniform cases per minute

Centrally located emergency stop on each side for easy access

Height controls are located outside guarding for convenient adjustment

Heavy-Duty and Adjustable Case Sealer

Our 3M-Matic Case Sealer 8000af With 3M AccuGlide 3 Taping Head is a case sealer that manually adjusts to multiple box sizes. It features a rugged 16-gauge welded steel frame and traction-grip belts for positive box conveying; the side belt drives can be set to a higher position to provide stability for taller boxes. The dual masts and dual crossbars provide taping head stability for the 3MAccuGlide 3 Taping Heads, which offer low impact sealing to protect cases. This carton sealer uses 2” (48mm) tape to seal up to 40 uniform boxes per minute: case lengths of 6-30” (150-762mm), widths of 5.75-21.5” (146-546mm) and heights of 4.75-24.5” (120-622mm). The twin gear motor drives allow for high volume and heavy duty sealing applications, managing cases weighing up to 85 lbs. (38kg). The machine handles top flap folding prior to taping, eliminating the need for an operator to be constantly present.

The 3M AccuGlide 3 Taping Process

A regular slotted container (RSC) is placed on the conveyor and pushed into the drive belts, which convey the box into the taping head. The 3M AccuGlide 3 Taping Head applies Scotch® pressure sensitive film box sealing tape at the leading end of the box, continuing along the center seam to the trailing end. This is called a "C" clip application. The taping head cuts the tape as it is being applied. After the box is securely sealed, it exits the case sealer. Taping heads usually function in pairs to tape two seams of a case, either in an upper and lower configuration to tape top and bottom or mounted left and right to seal cases lying on their sides.

Taping Heads Provide Low Impact Sealing

Designed to apply a "C" clip of Scotch® box sealing tape, the 3M AccuGlide 3 Taping Heads seal the top and bottom center seams. With a flowing, curvilinear form for low impact and consistent application, 3M AccuGlide Taping Heads help protect the boxes while providing greater case throughput. Dual masts with dual crossbars provide stronger taping head stability.