3M Matic 800rks King Size Random Case Sealer

3M-Matic 800rks

Case Sealing System

Sealing super-size cases slows your production line. Whether you’re sealing by hand with tape or staples or adjusting a case sealer to handle different sizes, you lose time with every case.

The 3M-Matic 800rks Side Drive Belt Sealer Random King-Size Case Sealer helps you recover that lost time. It seals cases up to 30” wide by 50” high and processes ten cases per minute. Because it can automatically adjust to each case, you can seal multiple sizes with one machine, on one production line without sealing by hand or stopping for adjustments.

Capabilities & Features

Fast, reliable sealing for extra-large cases. Up to 10 per minute

An adjustable friction brake drum is mounted to the frame

Side drive belt assemblies. Self centering, independent pneumatic force adjustment

Punched steel side-guards are more durable and scuff-resistant than plastic

Adjustable cylinder stop allows user to limit travel of upper taping head

Emergency stop switch