3M Matic S-867 Dual Head L-Clip Applicator

3M-Matic S-867 & S-867 II

L-Clip Applicators

Starting with the same features as the S-867, the S-867 II dual head configuration simultaneously applies two L-Clips side by side as close as 8” apart. Packages are easily moved and positioned across the stainless steel roller ball work surface.

Scotch® High Performance Filament and Reinforced Strapping Tapes secure packages with maximum holding power and durability.

For five panel folds, full overlap, telescoping, tuck fold and other non-standard packages, the 3M-Matic L-Clip Applicators S-867 and S-867 II provide cost-effective, time-saving solutions by applying pre-fed 4.5” clips of tape securely with less effort. Apply clips at up to 50 per minute.

Capabilities & Features

Quickly, accurately and reliably close a variety of non-standard packages including those as narrow as 1.5’’ when using the optional narrow box attachment

Consistent tape leg length of 4.5” helps prevent waste

Apply clips of Scotch® Filament and Reinforced Strapping Tapes up to 36mm wide

Durable rollers buff tape down for consistently secure closures

Air pressure and flow controls positioned to reduce unnecessary adjustments, improve ease of maintenance, access, and increase floor layout options

Oil-less operation helps reduce maintenance

Convenient access cover for easy tape threading

Service interlock valve designed for safety

Package contact plate activates tape application easily and safely

Compact and easy to install

Heavy duty one-piece frame for durability and stability

Non-electric for economical compressed air operation