Kallfass Compact 650 SD Shrink Tunnel

Kallfass Compact 650 SD Shrink Tunnel

Shrink Wrap System

The double-construction Kallfass ring-nozzle heating system, in the compact 47" hood, targets the heat where it is needed. This ensures a perfect shrinking process with low energy use, which helps to save natural resources.

Capabilities & Features

Uses constantly uniform heat energy transfer to the packaged goods, regardless of the position on the conveyor belt

Ring nozzle heating technology with integrated air circulating system for efficient energy recovery

High level of insulation and compact design ensure fast warm-up times

Easy adjustment of basic parameters (temperature, air volume and package speed) using continuously adjustable controller

Intelligent technology ensures constant temperature during operation. Energy-intensive temperature fluctuations are prevented

Carefully selected components, easy to maintain, maintenance-free plastic mesh-belt