Kallfass Logi Wrap 500 3D Bundler

Kallfass Logi Wrap 500 3D Bundler

Shrink Wrap System

This "super talent" uses a measurement grid to identify the product dimensions and adapts the film packaging automatically to fit the product. Thus, tailor-dimensioned film packaging is always ensured. Regardless of whether shipping or return packaging, display or protective packaging, individual or container packaging, from now on you only need one machine to package your entire product range. The Logi Wrap 500 3D!

Capabilities & Features

Film bag with stable, durable side seals, completely sealed on all four sides

Very small footprint. Easy to integrate into the product flow of any supply chain with a minimum of space requirements, or can be used as a stand-alone solution

After packing cycle, the product is discharged from the machine

Packs reliably varying product dimensions in random order

Capacity speed of up to 2000 cycles per hour

All usual trade films, such as polyolefin, polyethylene, polylactide acid (PLA), unprinted, printed, transparent or colored (opaque) can be easily processed

Easy integration of label printers and data connection

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