Kallfass Universa 500 Intermittent Side Sealer

Kallfass Universa 500 Intermittent Side Sealer

Shrink Wrap System

The name of this universal film packaging machine represents both its underlying concept and its objective. Manufacturing companies with a broad product range and industrial services as well as contract packaging companies benefit greatly from the efficient production processes. Precise compliance of the bag length ensures a high standard of quality for the film packaging.

Capabilities & Features

New user interface: 7" widescreen Easy Touch-Panel for easiest use for intuitive operator guidance.

Redesigned graphic surface for perfect packaging results within the shortest time

Perfect packaging results for small-format products with full-wrap packaging

Low space requirements due to its compact design

Easy integration of the system into existing production lines

Kallfass product path control for easy changes in format and speed

Inlet conveyor can be extended for easy and quick threading of the film

Continuously heated sealing die with replaceable sealing bar, available in various profile shapes for optimum sealing seams, customized to fit the product and film